Elsa Ayala
Jul 6, 2021


Photo by Pixabay.com


Down the path

following the moon,

sadly, I was walking throwing questions in the air

but nobody answered,

maybe nobody heard,

I was crying the tears that no one understood.

For the problems I was able to see

my eyes kept them all

because I was afraid to believe,

almost invisible to the rest of the world

I thought no one would miss me,

right or wrong,

I was looking for someone to release me

before dragging my soul to the ground.

And here I am,


sadly, enclosed in an empty jar,

seeing my problems falling apart.

It is true I am drawn to silence,

immune to the prosecutors of my life,

maybe nobody heard me when I screamed them good bye.

Written in 2010



Elsa Ayala

Citizen of the universe that believes in love, respect and kindness. I became Muslima in 2022 and I am proud and honored that I am learning about Islam each day